Circle of Fifths

Set in New Orleans during the height of the Roaring Twenties, Circle of Fifths tells the story of a group of ragtag jazz musicians making a living going from gig to gig. But one day, a rival band steals all of your money. You must explore the streets of New Orleans in order to retrieve what is rightfully yours in this rhythm action game!

Circle of Fifths was an award winning entry in the Capital City Games Festival 2015!

How to Play:

  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move around
  • Press the UP arrow key to enter a level
  • Press SPACE to use your strong attack. It has a shorter range
  • Press SHIFT to use your weak attack. It has a longer range.


Alexander Howard: Quality Assurance

Donald Li: Programming

Travis Nichols: Programming

Max Wilhelmi: Programming/Audio/Design

Sarah Zelenak: Art/Design


Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2015

Project Duration: 5 Weeks





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