Dawn of Day X

Dawn of Day X is a tile-base 2D rpg game. The player’s goal is to go out and collect resources and then use these resources to level up their settlement, and eventually escape Earth by spaceship.

How to Play:


  • Your main objective is to gather resources for your home community, in order to build and upgrade important structures
  • The resources are, in order of rarity: food, rock, wood, electronics, and magirox
  • Food is needed to make sure your settlement survives through the day, and the others are used in the construction of buildings
  • Magirox are used in the construction of the MacGuffin Space Shuttle, your only ticket off of this doomed world


  • You only have a limited amount of energy per day before the rain and darkness make the city unnavigable
  • Battles take a set amount out of your party’s energy and decrease your time, regardless of how quickly you win, and so should be avoided. However, enemies will drop more resources if you are able to defeat them.
  • You must collect a set amount of food before the day ends to ensure your settlement’s survival
  • At the end of the day, you return to your settlement to spend the resources you have collected and upgrade your structures

The World

  • There are many things to discover and find in the world, including many unique items
  • Most things (objects, graffiti, etc.) can be interacted with.
  • Some objects contain resources or documents pertaining to the world itself.
  • You can investigate buildings in order to find extra resources, though it comes with a risk


  • You are not alone in this world, there are other survivors willing to help you navigate the harsh overworld.
  • Try exploring the different areas to find survivors, you can recruit them by talking with them.
  • Each survivor has different skills to help you in the overworld.


  • There are four stats for each character.
  • VIT determines how much damage a character can take.
  • STR determines how much damage a character can deal.
  • INT determines how much magic damage you deal
  • DEX determines how quickly a character can attack in battle.

Settlement Menu

  • After each day you return to your settlement with what you have gathered that day
  • You can spend these to construct various upgrades to your party’s stats or resource management
  • Food expires the day after you collect it unless you have built the silo

Production Notes:

This project was largely overscoped, so a lot of features had to be cut. But the combat and exploration systems are fully functional, making for a fun little sandbox to play in!


Josh Cornett: Sound Programmer, Level Designer

Dylan Davids: Level Designer, Game Designer, Environmental Artist, Writer

Jackson Hopcroft: Game Designer, Character Artist, Animator, Writer, SFX Artist

Anthony Laurain: Combat Programmer, Stats Programmer

Josh Shadik: Animation Programmer, Programming

Chris Thomas: Combat Programmer, Stats Programmer, UI Programmer/Designer


Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2014

Project Duration: 5 Weeks





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