How to Apply (for current MSU M&I MA or PhD Students) 

Application directions:

  1. Contact Dr. Carrie Heeter at heeter@msu.eduand express your interest in enrolling in the Certificate Program., including your MSU NetID (for example, Carrie’s MSU netID is heeter — the first part of
  2. Enroll for the MI 830, MI 831, and either MI 841 or COM 803. You may take either the in person section [001] or the online section [730]. (Com 803 is only offered in person.) Fees assessed should be the same you pay for your other graduate credit course work. You may refer to the Student Accounts Office at for current tuition and fee information.
  3. Carrie will forward your name and MSU netID to the Academic Program Coordinator for Media and Information, recommending that the transcriptable certificate to your program of study. She will copy you on the recommendation, so that you know this step has occurred.
  4. The Academic Program Coordinator will complete and send a Graduate Certificate Recommended Action Form to the Office of Admissions for processing. Once approved by the Office of Admission, the program will be added to your student profile.

Obtaining your transcript when you graduate:

  1. Once you have completed the program and certificate requirements, apply for graduation for both at
  2. A degree certification form for the degree and certificate will be processed and sent to the M&I department for review and approval.
  3. Once confirmed and processed by the Degree Certification Office, the certificate will be noted as complete and appear on your final degree transcripts.


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