Heroes & Hellspawn

Heroes & Hellspawn is a wave based hack and slash survival game in which the player takes control of a miniature in a tabletop RPG that has been posseessed by creatures from beyond. Fight your way through increasingly difficult waves and try to survive for as long as possible!

How to Play:

Use the WASD keys to move your character. Left click for a slow horizontal slash that deals more damage. Right click for a fast vertical slash for quick damage. Hold middle mouse to rotate camera, scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Destroy every monster to advance to the next wave. Pick up powerups to increase damage temporarily.


Charlie Deneau – Lead Progrommer

Jerod Pennington – UI design/Programming

Andrew Bonczyk – Character Art, Environment Art, Sound Effects and Music

Austin Widmyer – FX art, Environment Art

Course: MI445 Release Date: Fall 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks






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