Student Journey

Evan Edwards

Role: Artist // Major: Media and Information


My name is Evan Edwards, and I am a Technical Artist from Holt, Michigan. I have had a passion for game design my entire life, often spending countless hours as a kid drawing up detailed plans about whatever game I was imagining at the time. I always assumed that game development was just a pipe-dream, and it wasn’t until I started at MSU that I realized how attainable that dream actually was.


During my first few years at MSU, I really struggled to find my role. In high school, I really enjoyed computer programming, and I fully intended to become a games programmer. But then I got started with 3D modeling during my sophomore year, and I instantly loved it. I was, however, instantly confused when I was suddenly labeled an “artist” because I enjoyed 3D work, as I’ve never considered myself an artistic person. I continued down this path and become really interested in how to make my work as efficient and clean as possible; trying to figure out the easiest ways to model, sculpt, and integrate software into my workflow. One day, I had a very sobering conversation with my professor. ‘Evan, you keep talking about making things easier. Artists aren’t supposed to care that much about things being easy or efficient. If you care so much about making things easier, you should be a tech-artist.’ So I did exactly that. Technical Art was a perfect fit almost immediately, as it combined my technical skills with my love for making things look pretty. Today I focus mainly on a field called ‘Look Development’, which is all of the technical work that goes into making games look good, such as writing shaders, creating skies and fog, creating realistic motion in foliage and programming tools for the artists to assist in their work.


Ever since I discovered my love for Technical Art, I have been working day and night (quite literally) to expand my knowledge (and my portfolio). I can absolutely validate the saying: ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Thanks to the amazing program and faculty here at MSU, I am able to constantly put my skills into practice making games and working in teams. My goal is to find a job in the industry after I graduate in the spring, and I am working tirelessly in the meantime to prepare myself for that opportunity.


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