Karsenal is an action packed third person racing game, emphasizing customization, explosions, and environmental hazards. In Karsenal you assume the roll of a “Gladiator” who is forced to compete in races to the death by Gangs that now rule the post apocalyptic earth. In Karsenal, you will Fight against devious AI who have a craving for destruction.

How to Play:

XBOX 360 Controller recommended


  • Move – Arrow Keys
  • Drift – Space
  • Z – Shoot
  • X – Repair
  • Left Shift – Use Item

Xbox 360 Controller:

  • Left Stick – Steer
  • Right Stick – Rotate Car In Menu
  • X – Use Item
  • A – Shoot
  • B – Drift
  • Y – Repair

Production Notes:

  • One of our 3 Songs is very quiet.
  • Detonations can sometimes appear as white boxes instead of transparent explosions.
  • No tutorial is a known feature we wish we had time to implement.
  • Transparent Icon on mac can only be clicked on non-transparent parts of the icon.


Nicholas Thurston: Team Lead / UI Designer

Kevin Pauly: Programming Lead / Level Designer

Paul Schultz: Artist

Stephanie Brown: AI Programming

Tyler Summers: Audio Creation/Design

Isaac Volger: Programming


Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2014

Project Duration: 5 Weeks





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