Imagine a world of steam-powered machines, where fantastic monuments and giant robots are possible. Welcome NAMASTEAM, a mech-fighting game set in Steampunk India. Players take control of mechs inspired by Hindu Gods in order to settle disputes on an earth-shattering scale. Piloting such a large vehicle isn’t easy, but master the controls and stomp your way to victory, one foot at a time!

How to Play:

  • NAMASTEAM gives you the experience of controlling a giant mech.
  • Fight your opponents by knocking them over before they do the same to you.
  • First, practice moving in the tutorial scene.
  • Press ESC to leave from any place in the game, and return to the Main Menu.
  • Press Play to enter the Multiplayer Lobby. Create and name a room.
  • In order to play multiplayer, another player must have NAMASTEAM open and join the same room you created. Combat will not begin until both players are present.
  • Win by hitting your opponent three times before they can do the same.


  • All parts are controlled with their own button. Use the HUD to know when you can hit them: Grey means it is unavailable, Copper means it is ready, and Aquamarine means it is currently in progress.
  • Q and P are the left and right steps. You can only step when doing nothing else.
  • W and O are left and right punches.
  • E and I are dodges.
  • Left and right shift let you turn.
  • Press SPACEBAR to rise when on the ground. This will happen when you are hit by the opponent, or if you try to walk on the wrong leg too often!
  • Press ESC to return to the Main Menu, no matter where you are.


Vishal Adusumilli – Programmer

Peter Burroughs – Artist

Jake Hitchcock – Programmer

Michael Stewart – Artist

Max Sweet – Artist


Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks





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