Project Shutdown

Project Shutdown is an interactive stealth shooter where players are immersed into the game environment using the HTC Vive. Players will explore their environment while avoiding enemies and taking some of them out along the way. Equipped with a trusty gun and stun baton. Along their journey players will gain knowledge on how to avoid enemies, learn to use new weapons, and be challenged by increasing levels of AI enemies. The challenges will be hard but the rewards will be plenty as you fight to take back your world from the control of robots.

How to Play:

*requires the HTC Vive To play*

Hold side grips and swing arms to move
Click the left touchpad to turn on/off vision
Click right touchpad to switch between weapons
Hold triggers to pick up objects


Trever Daniels – Project lead, Gameplay Programmer, User Interface, Audio Design

Dean Gleason – AI Programmer

Kenny Wherry – Prop Artist, Environment Artist, Texture Artist

Jonathan Luchow – Level Designer

Shane Zimmer – Character Artist, Animator

Evan Edwards – Shaders

Course: MI497 Release Date: Fall 2016

Project Duration: 16 Weeks


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