You are the creation of evil scientist, Doctor Gregorivich! He has bred you for one purpose: the destruction of his enemies. Train your skills to complete levels as fast as you can, and prepare to conquer the world in the name of your master! Unless, you begin to question his authority…

How to Play:

Use your cursor to select tiles on the grid to move to, and to click ability buttons. Hover over buttons for a description of their purpose. Tiles with question marks on them give you a powerful, random, one-use power-up. Defeat all enemies to win: the faster you do, the higher the score!

Production Notes:

  1. Highlighting on tiles doesn’t update properly to the new energy restored from leveling up (updates after using a skill or ending turn).
  2. The zip files with “…_latest” at the end should be used otherwise outdated build has Start button breaking the game.
  3. Currently, if you press a button on the UI at bottom and your hovering over a movable tile you will move there (haven’t implemented a check yet to stop this from happening)
  4. Low chance of occurring but it’s possible that when completing a scene level and proceeding to the next that the stats were not transferred properly.


Allen Huynh – Programmer

Connor McDermott – Programmer

Haosheng Li – 2D Artist

Kamen Kessler – 3D Artist, UI

Paul Powell II – Designer, 2D Artist, Voice Actor


Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks





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GameDev at MSU

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