Zachary Brenz's Projects

Plunder Panic

July 22nd, 2017

Ahoy Mateys! Plunder Panic is a swashbuckling, 12-person multiplayer arcade game where two rival crews battle for supremacy on the high seas. Defeat the enemy captain, scuttle their ship, plunder enough booty or end up shark bait in Davy Jones’ Locker! Living By The Pirate Code Each Plunder Panic ship’s crew consists of one to […]

Flair Hockey

May 10th, 2017

Flair Hockey is a pick-up-and-play, action-packed arcade game in which you must defend your goal while bringing color to the world. Greyscale objects will harm you while colorful ones will bring you strength. Compete against your friends for the highest score and show off your flair! Controls Rotate – Arrow Keys Confirm – Space Bar […]


April 4th, 2017

ÄA (ay-ah) is a co-op puzzle platformer adventure game set in an abandoned temple. Two beings must come together to overcome the obstacles of the of the crumbling ruins. Ä (ay), a mystical spirit from a great kingdom past, and A (ah), a construct servant, rely on each other’s strength in this tale of trust. […]

Mitosis Joe

February 21st, 2017

You are an antibody in the human body, trying to prevent a viral infection from destroying you! You must fight off an endless horde of viruses for as long as possible. Go for the high score! An Xbox 360 Gamepad is recommended for this game. Team: Mingshun Zhu – 3D Artist Graham Thomas – Design […]


December 20th, 2016

Corripio is a 2D turnbased RPG. Play as a disembodied mage on a quest to reclaim your body guided by your mysterious and sassy sprite companion. How to Play: Use your Mimeomancy ability to copy enemy abilities x – select, scroll text z – to go back arrow keys to scroll menu options Team: Darlene […]

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