World of Riders

In World of Riders, players work together to defeat a monster through exercise! The battle happens in a circular lake, where players need to collect missiles and use cannons to shoot at the monster.

The monster is always pushing the players away from him towards spiked rocks in an attempt to hurt the player. In order to avoid the rocks, the player must pedal on the exercise bike at an increasing rate. The faster a player can pedal, the closer they will get to the boss.

All players are in the same lake working together to overcome the monster. Its possible to communicate with other players through quick emoticons and can pass missiles between eachother to help defeat the boss!

At the end of the match everybody is ranked based on how they performed during the battle. There are ranks for damage dealt, missiles passed, healing and more…!

How to Play:

  •  To move forward a player needs to paddle on an exer-bike.
  •  Turns are done by looking at arrows on the screen.


Anna Kolesnichenko

Lucas Souza


Course: Masters Project

Release Date: Spring 2016





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