You think you know tower defense? Well prepare to have your mind blown!! Defend your winter food supply from the waves of uniquely crafted insects by planting and powering up your floral defenses using only the power of your finger. Can you step up to the plate and survive the barrage of food thieving forces?

Drosera is a tower defense game targeted towards mobile and touch platforms, though it can also be played on Mac and PC. It features a unique upgrade system, where “nutrients” are used to give towers upgrades; these nutrients can be reallocated at any time, allowing players to change strategy as needed. It is also meant to be far more interactive than most tower defense games. The player is expected to pick up currency, “seeds”, and build/upgrade towers during waves, not just between them.

How to Play:

  • Click on tower icons and then a map tile to purchase a tower.
  • Click on the decompose button to sell towers for 90% of their value.
  • Click on Upgrade/Degrade and then a tower to upgrade or degrade it.
  • Upgrades make towers much stronger, but unupgraded towers still deal some damage.
  • There are four types of towers: Venus Flytraps are melee towers, small range but high damage. Dandelions are burst attackers, low damage but they hit every enemy in range at once. Heliophora are range towers, they can attack over a wide area. Drosera don’t attack, but buying one gives you one more nutrient to use.
  • There are two types of enemies: Grasshoppers are fast and weak, beetles are slow and bulky. All enemies deal 1 damage to your food supply (base health) if they exit the map.
  • Enemies drop seeds when they die. Use these to build more towers.
  • Build during waves! You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, wait for the wave to end to continue building and upgrading.


Ryan Magliola: Programmer

Jake Hitchchock: Designer, Audio

Kenny Wherry: Artist

Nash Beauregard: Artist

Zhiming Jiang: Programmer


Course: MI455 Release Date: Spring 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks







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