Student Journey

Peter Burroughs

Role: Artist // Major: Media and Information


Heya! My name is Peter Burroughs, and I’m a 2D/3D game artist from Bowling Green, Ohio! My love of art and desire to bring a smile to people’s faces led me to study game development at Michigan State University in 2013. I enjoy creating concept art, 3D models, and textures for use in academic and personal projects.


I began work in the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab (GEL) my freshman year of college, and since then have worked on several education-oriented games. My quest to learn more about making games has led me to San Francisco, Japan, and Korea to visit various companies and learn from professionals in the industry. On the side, I am the club president for Spartasoft, MSU’s game design club, where we teach game design to members of all skill levels and host a variety of events, from game jams to industry talks. I’m always looking for ways to share my love for video games, and recently, I gave a TEDx talk about the process of game development; you should go check it out on YouTube!


My endless list of favorite games includes Baldur’s Gate, Skyrim, Child of Light, The Last of Us, and League of Legends, and my art also draws inspiration from animated films like Big Hero 6 and Tangled (I may have a soft spot for Disney!). Feel free to contact me about anything; I’d love to chat with you!


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GameDev at MSU

404 Wilson Road, Room 409

East Lansing, MI 48824