Student Journey

Oliva Nalon

Role: 3D Artist // Major: Media and Information


My name is Olivia Nalon and I am a 3D environment artist from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. All of my life, I have had a passion for art and, more specifically, video games. I grew up playing games but it wasn’t until I played the game Bioshock that I realized how powerful they could be. The environment art and level design in Bioshock spoke to me so greatly that I knew I wanted to create something that compelling as well. Ever since, I set a goal to come to MSU specifically for their game development program, so that I could work towards that dream.


The day I got into the games program at MSU, I was ecstatic. It was one of my most important steps in my life and being in the program has changed my life so much since then. It has given me the chance to expand and improve upon my art skills as well as gaining the invaluable knowledge of working with other disciplines involved in game development, such as game design and programming. I also have had the amazing opportunity to work at the Game for Entertainment and Learning lab, which has only heightened my passion for game development. I hope that, through my own personal work and from what I learned at MSU, to one day be an environment artist lead at an AAA video game studio.


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