The Lost Civilization

The Lost Civilization is a first-person action/adventure 3D platformer.

As the player, you must fight your way through large, branching environments filled with dangerous, oversized enemies in order to emerge a winner.

During a very long journey through the galaxy, your ship hit a space cloud and encountered some turbulence, causing your most prized possession (and primary entertainment) to fly out of the emergency hatch! You can’t go on a trip without it, so you land on a mysterious foreign planet filled with magic and some signs of past civilization.

How to Play:


  • Move mouse to control camera
  • WASD to move
  • Hold shift to sprint
  • Left click to shoot grappling gun (All levels)
  • Right click to use amulet mana/flashlight (Level 2)
  • Hold spacebar to use jetpack (Level 3)


  • Right joystick controls camera
  • Left joystick to move
  • A to jumpHold L3 to sprint
  • R2 to shoot grappling hook (All levels)
  • L2 to use amulet mana/flashlight (Level 2)
  • Hold A to use jetpack (Level 3)


Mustafa Jebara – Programming, Design, UI, Writing

Andrew Morrissette – Sound Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Writing

Robert Novak – Programming, Sound Design, Writing, UI

Graham Thomas – Level Design, Sound Design, Writing

Jaime Winters – Level Design, 3D Modeling & Animation, Sound Design, UI, Writing, cutscenes, web design

Course: MI445 Release Date: FallĀ 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks






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