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Enrollment in the Game Design and Development Minor is limited. Preferred selection criteria include:

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Please fill out the form below and submit it by the end of March for entry in the game minor the following Fall semester. Applications will be reviewed periodically between now and the deadline. Apply early if possible! We only have 40 spots total. The deadline for applying is March 31st. Applications submitted AFTER the deadline will not be reviewed.

General Information

Portfolio OR Certificate of Completion

Please either provide us with a URL to your web-based portfolio demonstrate your level of expertise, skills, and knowledge in game development, interactive media design, programming, and/or art OR provide a URL with verification of the certificate of completion to the Game Design and Development online Coursera specialization. If you do not have either, you can still apply and be accepted contingent on completing either CAS 117 Games and Interactivity (typically offer online in the summer) OR the Game Design and Development online specialization prior to the beginning of MI445 (such as over the summer).

Statement of Purpose

Please write a brief statement of purpose on why you want to be involved in this Minor and why you think you are qualified to join the minor (max 1-2 paragraphs):

When would you like to begin the Minor

The Minor begins in the Fall semester with MI445, followed by MI455 in the Spring semester in year 1, and then MI497 in the Fall semester and MI498 in the Spring semester of year 2. You cannot take the courses out of sequence. The minor takes two academic years to complete.


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