Charged Up

Charged Up is an action platformer set in a dystopian world that has been taken over by robots who’ve watched too much TV… Face 3 bosses over 9 unique levels while slowly finding upgrades that change the way you play!

How to Play:

X-Box 360 Controller:

  • Left stick to control movement
  • X to Attack
  • A to Jump
  • B to Dash
  • Y to Slow time

Features a menu that allows for full customization of controls and supports all controllers that can be read by the computer as joystick buttons.

Production Notes:

The game is smaller than we originally intended. We hope to update the remainder of the game with a few bosses that are complete, but didn’t quite make into this build.


Nicholas Thurston – Team Lead

Joe Dykstra – Art Lead

Jake Lange – Programming Lead

Stephanie Brown – AI Programming

Sahil Tadon – Physics programming

Chris Benoit – General Programming

Cameron Burch – 3D Art

Deon Howard – 3D Art


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