Other Majors

Beyond the Major in Games and Interactive Media, there are several other majors that make a nice complement to the Minor in Game Design and Development, including:

B.A. in Information Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Science (through the Department of Media & Information) brings together perspectives from engineering and computer science with those from management and the social sciences. This degree is not just about coding, it is about understanding user experience and how technologies shape the world. This major produces interdisciplinary and in demand professionals who are experts in human-centered design and information management.

B.S. in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science focuses on the analysis, design, and development of software and hardware computer systems. Computer Science applies creativity, logic, and computational thinking to solve problems important to science, healthcare, education, business, entertainment, government, and all aspects of modern life. Students develop the fundamental programming skills for building software systems and are introduced to a wide range of algorithms, data structures, and patterns that can be applied to problem-solving. A range of elective courses allows a student to customize the degree in this expansive field to their interests. Complementing these major areas, the cognate provides an excellent opportunity to develop an individually selected area of interest.

B.A. / B.F.A. in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program with a major in studio art is a professional studio art program. Its emphasis is for students anticipating careers in the practice of art or design, or for students planning on graduate study in either field.

B.F.A. in Graphic Design

The graphic design major addresses the art of visual communication. Course projects range in medium, content and collaborative opportunity, while enabling students to practice both traditional and digital ways of creation. Students become knowledgeable in design thinking as a means of identifying problems and creating possible solutions.