When a massive sand whale finds her village, a lone adventurer must grab her sand skimmer and follow the journal of a dead man to find the lost oasis hidden in the desert. Neither the whale that killed her village nor the sand itself will make the journey easy. Will she unlock the desert’s secrets or become another one of its buried treasures?

How to Play:

This game is intended to be played using an Xbox 360 Controller, although keyboard controls can be toggled on if it is truly impossible to do so. The standard Microsoft controller drivers will work on Windows, and a freely available Mac driver for 360 controllers is included with the game’s OSX installer. If the game is not being performant, graphics quality can be adjusted down in the “settings” section of the main menu.


In Boat:
  • Left Joystick / Left and Right Arrows / A and D: Steer Boat
  • Right Joystick / Mouse Movement: Move Camera
  • A Button / Up Arrow / W: Raise Sail
  • B Button / Down Arrow / S: Lower Sail
  • Right Trigger / Space Bar: Boost
  • X Button / Left Shift: Exit Boat
  • Y Button / Left Control: View Journal
On Foot:
  • Left Joystick / Arrow Keys / WASD: Move Character
  • Right Joystick / Mouse Movement: Look
  • A Button: Jump
  • X Button / Left Shift: Interact
  • Y Button : View Journal
  • Start / Escape: Pause Menu


Andrew Dennis: Design, Art

Jordan Ajlouni: Design, SFX

Michael Rossi: Design

Shawn Henry Adams: Programming

Marie Lazar: Art

David Phillips: Art

Alex Lockwood: Programming

Jon Moore: Programming

Daniel Sosnowski: Programming

Course: MI455 Release Date: Fall 2010

Project Duration: 5 Weeks