Fabled Fox

Fabled Fox is a 3D Real-Time Action Adventure game that mixes Cute and Horror art-style elements. When the Guardian of the Forest goes missing, it is up to a small hero, Little Fox, to find them!  In the guardian’s absence, the forest has been overtaken by evil and has become much more dangerous.  Using the Guardian’s magical staff, Little Fox must free the souls of the forest creatures from their corrupted vessels, while befriending lost animal souls and traversing the newly treacherous terrain in hopes to find the lost caretaker!


Anthony Ajlouny – 3D Animator, Concept Artist, UI Artist, Writing

Christopher Chen – AI Programmer

Richard Chen – Texture Artist, UI Design

Issac Houston – Producer, Technical Design 

Carson Jones – 3D Artist, Combat Design

Alyssa Strasser – 2D Artist

Andy Wilson – Gameplay Programmer

Dean Zuo – VFX Artist

Course: MI498

Release Date: Spring 2021


Available on itch.io