Grumpy Snowmen

Across MSU campus, rival Big Ten schools have set up snow forts populated with Grumpy Snowmen. Help Sparty rid campus of these pesky snowmen in this whimsical game! Grumpy Snowmen is easy-to-learn, but challenging to master.

How to Play:

  • Click and Hold on Sparty
  • Dag to Aim
  • Release to Throw!

Game Development Team:

Brian Winn: Programming, Production

William Jeffery: Design, Team Lead

Kristina Cunningham: 2D Artist

Eric Musser: 3D Artist

Jackson Hopcroft: 2D Artist

Kevin Pauly: Programming

Jon Moore: Mobile Porting

Daniel Sosnowski: Programming

Tyler Summers: Audio

Release Date: December 2015 (v3.1)