“Isotopolis” is an exploratory game about the process of discovering rare isotopes. In the game, players accelerate particles and assemble new isotopes in the effort to complete the table of nuclides in a process inspired by what goes on a the nanoscopic level within a cyclotron.

The game was developed in the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab at Michigan State University in conjunction with the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University. The target audience of the game is those with a middle-school level knowledge of science. The goal of the game is to build knowledge related to nuclear science, provide understanding about the NSCL and its mission, and promote interest in STEM subjects.

How to Play:

Explore the process of discovering rare isotopes, as you control each phase!

Accelerate particles, assemble new isotopes, and try to complete the table of nuclides.

Game Development Team:

Andrew Dennis: Art, Production, Design

Brian Winn: Production

Maxwell Miller: Programming

Scott Holzknecht: Shaders, Programming

Elan Gleiber: Design, Art, Production

Lucas Souza: Programming

Chris Benoit: Programming

Sahil Tandon: Programming

Tyler Summers: Audio

Joshua Shadik: Shaders

William Jeffery: Design

Nicholas Thurston: Design

Joe Dykstra: Art

Andrew Bagdady: Art

Amanda Kreuger: Business Operations Manager

Release Date: October 2015

Project Duration: 12 Months

Supported By:

The American Physical Society

MSU Vice President for Research

MSU Graduate Studies

MSU University Outreach and Engagement

MSU College of Communication Arts

MSU Chief Information Officer

MSU Department of Physics of Astronomy

Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

National Science Foundation