Jack and the Beanstalkers

Fe Fi Fo Fum…

Welcome to Jack and the Beanstalkers, a fun, silly hack-n-slash adventure as you attempt to to defend the growing Beanstalk from the hungry Beanstalkers.

With three different levels (including an exciting boss battle against the Giant himself!) that tests both your reflexes and strategic sense, you’ll have your hands full trying to climb this magic bean!


Collect beans to grow the beanstalk
Defend the beanstalk and yourself by killing enemies
Fend off waves until the beanstalk grows fully and you can advance to the next level!

Alex Klingel: Programmer

Ryker Morningstar: 3D Artist

Will Ridenour: Designer

Austin Widmyer: VFX Artist

Course: MI455 Release Date: Spring 2017

Project Duration: 5 Weeks