Rat Rage

Welcome to Rat Rage! In this game, you will play as hyper intelligent rats who have created cars using pieces of trash found in the sewers. The goal of the game is to knock each player off the map by ramming into them with your car. You will also need to keep yourself from getting knocked off by your opponents. The Sewers will never be the same.

How to Play:

Xbox/PS4 Controller:

  • RT to Accelerate
  • LT to Reverse/Brake
  • A to Boost
  • LS to steer

Keyboard P1:

  • Forward Arrow to Accelerate
  • Back Arrow to Revers/Brake
  • L to Boost
  • Left and Right Arrows to Steer

Keyboard P2:

  • W to Accelerate
  • S to Reverse/Brake
  • F to Boost
  • A and D to Steer


Homer Chen – AI Programming

Evan Edwards – Design, Character Art, VFX

Dean Gleason – Systems Programming

Kenny Wherry – Vehicle Art, Voice of Rat, UI Art

Brandon Price – Animations

Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks