Reach Higher

Help Sparty grab as many cotton tufts and roses as he can before the big game!

Jump across platforms, compete for the National Championship highscore and “Reach Higher” in this new holiday action game from the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab!

How to Play:

  • Jump between the platforms!
  • Don’t fall off the bottom of the screen!
  • Don’t get pushed off the top!
Mobile Version:
  • Move using the Virtual Joystick or by Tilting the Screen
  • Jump by tapping the right side of the screen
Web Version:
  • WASD or Arrow Keys – Move
  • Spacebar – Jump

Game Development Team:

Brian Winn: Programming, Production, Design

William Jeffery: Design, Art, Project Management

Andrew Dennis: Title Art

Greg Kozma: Design, Programming, Art

Release Date: Winter 2015

Project Duration: 2 Weeks