Rubble Rumble is an arena-style first person shooter where players create the environment they play in. Place cover, vantage points, and hazards to win!
Play rounds of elimination to earn points and Build Crystals. Spend Build Crystals on a variety of crazy hazards in between rounds of combat!


Brandon Garrison – Lead Programmer

David DeRuiter – Lead Designer, Producer

Shannon Kowalewski – Lead Artist

Phillip Nguyen-Phan – Programmer

Tyler Lovell – Programmer

Jana Holderbaugh – Programmer

Nik Bigger – 3D Artist

Diego Vazquez – Technical Animator

Bowen Gao – Level Designer

Emily Mitchell – Composer

Lucas Hardy – Composer

Special Thanks

Evan Edwards

Priscilla Landerer

Justin De Bernardis

Connor Norman

Course: MI498 Release Date: Spring 2020