Scarf Cats

Grab A Friend And Go On An Adventure!

Scarf Cats is a co-op adventure game where you and a friend work together to solve puzzles and traverse the world, all while tied together by a scarf!

Kit and Grandma go to meet Grandpa for a picnic, but he’s all the way on the top of the mountain! Tied together by the scarf Grandma is knitting for Kit, they flip levers, jump gaps, solve puzzles and climb the mountain to get to Grandpa!


Lengthen and shorten the scarf, run, jump, grab, and throw to complete puzzles and get to the top of the mountain!
Must be played using an Xbox controller!

A = Jump / Confirm in Menus
B = Drop / Break Out of Grab
X = Grab (Hold) / Throw (Let Go)
Y = Meow
Left Stick = Move
Left Bumper = Decrease Scarf Size
Right Bumper = Increase Scarf Size
Select/Back = Reset to Checkpoint
Start/Menu = Pause Game


Brock Mueller – Producer

Kieran Peasley – Lead Designer

William Housell – Designer

Stefani Taskas – Lead Programmer

Chenshu “Neil” Xu – Programmer

Colleen Little – Lead Artist

Dayzee Card – Artist

Jessica Clappison – Artist

Kenny Rancour – Artist

Austin Wilson – Music

Course: MI498 Release Date: Spring 2019