Tahir’s Playbook

Tahir’s Playbook challenges players to track their eating, drinking and exercise habits, and engage in a series of mini-games across the week to level up their fitness and prepare for the “Big Game”.

Along the way, players earn achievements while being coached and mentored by Tahir Whitehead, a professional football player. At the end of each week, the player collaborates with their team in the “Big Game” while competing against the opposing team. Only the team with the most energy will emerge victorious!

Tahir’s Playbook is a game for the Detroit Public Schools developed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Michigan State University.

Game Development Team:

Brian Winn: Executive Producer

William Jeffery: Producer

Andrew Dennis

Andrew Bonczyk

Zachary Brenz

Jasmine Burks

Kyle Bush

Peter Burroughs

Ryan Chuang

Trever Daniels

Charlie Deneau

Evan Edwards

Dean Gleason

Colleen Little

Andrew MacAfee

Ryan Magliola

Olivia Nalon

Jerod Pennington

Paul Powell II

Will Ridenour

Matthew Smith

Darlene Sobus

Kenny Wherry

Austin Widmyer

Jaime Winters

Release Date: September 2016