The Grid


There’s a bug in the system that can’t be patched.

The Grid Glitch is an isometric 3D game with snake-like controls. Rally unique bugs that follow the leader to solve puzzles and take over the world! Control the leader of The Glitch on its mission: Take down the city’s infrastructure. Collect minions that rally behind you and guide them to communication towers. Defeat all the towers to win! Collect unique pieces to push power transformers, put out fires, and more! Solve puzzles and unlock doors to progress.

The Grid Glitch is a Single-Player game. Supported controllers:
Keyboard, Xbox 360, Dualshock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Roman Firestone – Lead 3D Artist

Sam Jakubik – 3D Artist

Brooke Johnson – Technical Artist

Alex Hogan – Producer, Lead Designer

Tommy King – Designer

Harrison Sanders – Technical, Sound, and UI Designer

David Flores – Lead Developer

Riley Hoffman – Developer

Course: MI498 Release Date: Spring 2019