Trailblazers is a game inspired by Ultimate Chicken Horse, but with a twist that each player gets a unique asymmetrical course. In multiplayer up to four players create an obstacle course, and then attempt to beat the course they are assigned to in the fastest time.

Every game consists of five rounds which each contain two phases. The first phase of the game gives players seven random obstacles from the fifteen unique obstacles in the game. The player then has forty-five seconds to make the course as easy or difficult as they like, before a course is randomly assigned to them, with the possibly of even getting your own! The second phase is a race were players try to traverse the course as quick as possible to earn points toward their overall score. Players can earn points for having the most difficult course as well as bonus points for how quickly they complete the race!


How to Play:

Every game of Trailblazers consists of multiple rounds, each of which has a “Building Phase” and a “Racing Phase”. In the Building Phase, players have 45 seconds to build their obstacle courses to challenge their friends.

During the Racing Phase, players must run the course they are given as fast as possible. Players get points based on how quickly they finish, what place they come in, and how hard the course they designed was.

You can also try out the sandbox mode! In sandbox mode, you can place down as many traps you want of any type. Then, you can run the course you made. This is perfect for coming up with new interactions, or just challenging your friends to the hardest course possible!


Evan Edwards: Tech Artist, Designer

Sruthin Gaddam: Programmer

Kamen Kessler: Prop Artist

Yilang Zhao: Gameplay Programmer

Sage Miller: Animator, Audio

Peter Burroughs: Lead Artist

Course: MI455 Release Date: Spring 2016

Project Duration: 5 Weeks