Ascend, build, clash, and dominate in this action-arcade style game! The gameplay of Ascension revolves around you, the player, placing platforms to climb higher and higher. Earn gold by defeating ferocious enemies who will do anything to stop you from climbing to the top. As you ascend, discover new areas with different environments and tougher foes who will net you even more rewards if you manage to defeat them. Use your hard-earned gold to purchase platforms to continue climbing, or upgrades to your player to help protect yourself from the onslaught. Oh, and don’t get forget the rising barrier of death that is creeping behind you as you climb to the top. Climb by building, build by killing, but most importantly of all, survive!


Jimmy Chen – Artist, Level Designer

Leo Guangyu – Level Designer

Wynton Huang – Programmer, Management

Tyler Povinelli – Level Designer, UI Designer

Meigan Starr – Programmer, Game Designer

Gaby Bendtsen – Music

Course: MI445

Release Date: Fall 2020