Four Benevolent Creatures of the Si Xiang rule the cardinal directions and each has a story to tell. But as time moves on, we forget our past and where we came from, and the narratives that once guided villages fade out of existence. You, the player, look to obtain the knowledge of the Dragon to guide your people through Spring. You must traverse the Dungeon of the Benevolent in search of the missing history, and fill up your journal to recall the values and virtues of old.


Move using WASD or arrow keys, interact with statues and dialogue using space, and use your mouse to play through the three main puzzles of the game!


George Schober – Programmer

Kat Zacarias – Artist

Shannon Kowalewski – Artist

Melina Richter – Game Designer

Chen Dai – Programming

Jiran Yang – Programming

Course: MI445 Release Date: Fall 2018