Bullet Time

In Bullet Time, you fight as a robot against up to three of your friends in maps inspired by the environments of The Matrix. Drawing from the unique mechanics popularized in the film, Bullet Time employs the use of time slices and wall jumping, among others, to give the player the feel of existing within The Matrix. At the beginning of each short round, a virtual dice roll will determine a unique set of effects to be applied to players who lost the previous round, and you must battle your opponents to come out as the sole victor.  The game is created with 2D pixel art and draws inspiration from the characters and environments of The Matrix.  Bullet Time is intended for core gamers ages 10 and up.


Adam Kasumovic – Programmer

David Khankin – Programmer

Kalea Vendola – Artist

Nicole Stocks – Designer, Artist

Tate Moorhouse – Programmer

Course: MI445

Release Date: Fall 2021