Commodore Command

Commodore Command is where Tower defense meets strategy guesser, as enemies fleets flood toward your last home base using new hidden pathing techniques! As a lone naval outpost with no connection to your home base, you must stage a series of defenses against a constantly encroaching enemy fleet bent on your demise. The enemies are crafty and constantly shift their attacking fleets and routes. Scan the waves to discover the enemy’s plan of attack and move your ships into position!  Be wary, enemies are tough and your fleet is small. Scavenge for resources between waves to upgrade your ships. Hold out until reinforcements arrive. Good luck Commodore!

Dylan McCarroll -Technical Designer

Producer Dylan Marx – 3D Artist, VFX, Game Designer

Remy Streichenberger – Game Designer, UI, Audio

Shangyang Min – Programer, Game Designer

Course: MI445 Release Date: Fall 2021