Crossroads Village

Crossroads Village is a persuasive real time strategy game designed and developed in the Serious Game Design program at Michigan State University.

Crossroads Village allows the player to take on the role of a relief organization in dealing with world hunger and other third world crises. In the game, the player manages the relief effort in a village after a disaster, acquiring resources, rebuilding infrastructure, and helping villagers learn new skills. The game is designed to inspire a sense of empathy, while educating the player of the issues and making them aware that they can make a difference. Ultimately the game hopes to promote altruism and action in the form of real-world monetary donations.


Brian Winn – Producer

Eric Pearson – Project Manager

Development Team:

Ziba Scott (lead)

Adam Rump

Gaston Rampersad

Peter Diaz


Art Team:

Mary Stanish – Team Lead/2D Artist

Joe Fitzgerald – 3D Character Artist

John Quick – GUI Artist

Chris Portrey – Background/Music Artist

Nate Cooley – 3D Object Artist/Assembla Organizer


Design Team:

John Quick – Manager

Vered Seidmann, John Quick – Learning Design

Vered Seidmann, John Quick – Story Design

Kacie Schaeffer – Mechanics & Gameplay

Gaston Rampersad, John Quick – User Interface Design


Audio Team:

Chris Portrey – Manager, background loops, GUI audio clips, Misc. audio effects

Kacie Schaeffer – Background loops, GUI audio clips, Misc. audio effects