Cybergrind Overdrive is a local multiplayer racing game for 2 to 4 players. Set in the far-flung future, take your pick from 4 distinct cyborg teens.

Race using grind rails for boosts of speed and collect upgrades for points. Gain more points for your placement in the race and the cyborg with the most points wins. Watch out for warehouse crates and conveyor belts that will slow you down, and diverging pathways that could give you an edge.


Tatum Cho – Lead Artist

Collin Nicaise – Lead Programmer

Joe Simpson – Lead Designer

Jerod Depifanio – Programmer, Producer

Austin Wilson – Audio Designer

Ian Deatrick – Artist

Jordan Walton – VFX Artist

David Cowan – Designer

Jewelyan Bradley – Technical Animator


Course: MI498 Release Date: Spring 2020