From Dark to Light

From Dark to Light is a single player adventure game in which players take control of a man lost within his own mind. He has lost touch with reality and himself, existing solely within his mind. Players must take part in a journey for the man’s sanity, traveling through the depths of his mind to find memory fragments, which slowly lead him, back to reality.

From Dark to Light took home the first place award at the Capital City Game Festival!


How to Play:


  • WASD – Movement
  • Mouse – Camera
  • Space – Jump
  • Space x2 (hold) – Fly
  • E – Activate
  • R – Bird Cam
  • Escape – Menu

XBOX 360 Controller

  • Left Analog Stick – Movement
  • Right Analog Stick – Camera
  • A Button/Right Bumper – Jump
  • A Button x2 (Hold) – Fly
  • X Button – Activate
  • Y Button – Bird Cam
  • Start – Menu


Elan Gleiber – Team Manager/Designer/Particle Artist/Sound

Scott Holzknecht – Programmer

Patrick Williams – Programmer

Alexandra Saenz – 3D Model Artist

Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2015

Project Duration: 5 Weeks