Gavin of Canadia

Gavin of Canadia is a 2D top down view role-playing game with real time combat system. The player controls Gavin to fight his way through different challenges to save his girlfriend, Beatrix. In this Zelda inspired hack-n-slash, the player’s skill will be challenged by unique boss battles after each level! Gavin will get to choose an upgrade after each fight, becoming more powerful the longer you play. Gavin is full of interesting dialogue, parody references and a comedic story atmosphere.

How to Play:

  • WASD/Arrows : Move
  • Space/Mouse 2 : Attack
  • Esc: Pause/Skip Cutscene
  • Enter: Next Dialogue

Production Notes:

  • 601 builds
  • 1,376 frames of animation
  • 57 background arts
  • 139 scripts (7,000+ lines of code)
  • 2 shaders
  • 27 scenes
  • 15 tracks
  • 4,000+ words dialogue script


Brean Pavlinak: Game Design, Animation

Chapin Kibitlewski: Background Art

David Ward: AI Programmer, Game Design

Liang Cui: Project Manager, Game Design, Level Design

Mike Ware: Game Design

Xavier Durand-Hollis: UI Designer, UI Programmer, Mechanic Programmer, Sound Designer

Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2013

Project Duration: 5 Weeks