Greatest City

In a far off land, a boy named Sully has a dream: Create the greatest city of all time. Control Sully as he explores an infinite, randomly generated world, collecting resources and recruiting villagers to help him on his journey.

How to Play:

Greatest City is an open-ended exploration and city building game.
Recruit villagers by completing quests.
Collect resources to recruit, build, and feed your village.

Play with an X-box controller!
Press A to take most actions (jump, talk, place buildings…).
Press B to cancel most actions.
Hold LT to sprint.
Hold RT to open the radial menu for selecting buildings to build.
Press Y to open the menu system.


Evan Edwards – Technical Artist, Designer

Jake Hitchcock – AI & Gameplay Programmer

Max Sweet – Environment & Texture Artist

Jasmine Burks – Environment & UI Artist

Ryan Magliola – Gameplay & Systems Programmer

Elijah Dalley – Model artist, writer

Peter Burroughs – Concept Artist

Trever Daniels – Music Composition

Course: MI497 Release Date: Fall 2016

Project Duration: 16 Weeks