Made in the Shade

Play as an elusive thief looking to gain his edge through the use of stolen powers. Abilities such as dashing, lock picking and invisibility will all lead you to greater riches and power ups. There is one other ally to your quest for glory, time. Complete heists as quickly as possible to gain the maximum amount of cash and obtain the strongest powers. Beware, as all sorts of enemies, such as robotic guards and sentry turrets, stand in your way.

How to Play:

  • Movement: WASD or left joystick
  • — Unlocked abilities —
  • (Keyboard key, or XBox/Playstation)
  • Unlock Doors: C key, or Y/Triangle button
  • Dash: Space, or A/Cross button
  • Invisibility: E, or B/Circle button


Zack Edouard – Character/Environment Artist, Animator
Nash Beauregard – UI Artist, Level Designer
Olivia Nalon – Environment Artist, Level Designer
Connor McDermott – Ability Designer/Programmer
Jacob Buckley – Programmer
Alli Efaw – Environment Artist
Caleb Swanson – Programmer

Course: MI497 Release Date: Winter 2016

Project Duration: 16 Weeks