Moxy Danger

In this fast paced Bullet Hell, Moxy (a poor woman working as a maid) neutralizes her foes in style. Collect the souls of your fallen enemies to power-up and unleash ultimate destruction! Each soul features a unique playstyle, allowing you to personalize your chaos. Life in the city can get pretty dirty, but for Moxy Danger… revenge has never been so clean.

How to Play:

Xbox Controller:

  • Left Stick – Move
  • A – Fire Weapon
  • B – Drop Soul Power
  • X – Use Special Power


Michael Budram – Programming

Xavier Durand-Hollis – Programming / UI

Xinyu Han – 3D Artist

William Jeffery – Team Lead, Level Design, Game Design

Chapin Kibitlewski – 2D Artist

Katie Pastor – 2D Artist

Course: MI497 – Release Date: Fall 2013

Project Duration: 15 Weeks