Overthrone is a 2D top-down action/adventure. You play as a nameless knight who has come to overthrow the evil king, hidden in his castle. You are armed with a magic sword that can be thrown and recalled back to your hand. Fight your way through the king’s army, improve your sword with elemental enchantments, and save the kingdom!


Daniel Anderson – Lead Programmer, Quality Assurance Manager

Richard Chen – Lead Artist, UI Programmer

Alex Dawisha – Level Designer

Tanner Fred – UI, Puzzle Designer

Alex Hoffmeyer – Composer, Sound Designer, Writer

Tyler Merlino – Producer, Combat Designer, Programmer

Xander Quiton – Gameplay Programmer

Dean Zuo – Enemy, Environment Artist

Course: MI497

Release Date: Fall 2020

Purchase the MSU GameDev Charity Bundle! Proceeds go 50% to Detroit Mutual Aid for COVID-19 relief and 50% to SpartaSoft, the student game development club at MSU!