Step into an alternate reality where humanity has partnered with the Bajita, a friendly alien race that has provided humanity with advanced technology. Experience what life is like in this “perfect” 2020 through the eyes of Mika, a genius Bajita scientist who specializes in designing equipment used to enhance human abilities. Experience those enhancements through a series of challenging obstacle courses. Explore beautifully crafted environments and get to know Mika’s colorful co-workers.


Natasha Hui -Technical Artist, Prop Modeler, Technical Animator, Animator, Apartment Design.

Ashley Malone – Character Design, Prop Modeler, Lab Design.

Jonathan Allen – General Design, Platforming Level Design, Narrative Design, Quest Programmer.

Brian Tang – Primary Programmer, Movement Programmer.

Leo Guangyu Xu – Composer, Audio Design.

Jay Kim – Main Menu Programmer.

Course: MI445

Release Date: Fall 2020