Pirate Dodgeball

Arrrrr! Pirate Dodgeball is a 3D isometric sports game in which the player controls one of the 3 pirates on their ship to battle with pirate enemies from another ship with dodge ball. The player needs to control his pirates to throw dodge ball at the enemy to hurt and eventually defeat every one of the enemy pirates in order to win the game.

The player controls one of the crews on his side, and he throw the dodge ball towards enemies and hence hurt them. When attacking, he can do “run and shoot” or “jump and shoot” to throw and ball with faster speed and higher damage.

How to Play:

Default Player 1 Control:

  • WASD For Up, Down, Left, Right
  • F for Throw/Catch
  • G for Switch/Pass
  • H for jump

Default Player 2 Control:

  • Arrow keys for direction
  • I for Throw/Catch
  • O for Switch/Pass
  • P for jump

Key customization is supported.


Alex Hanlon: Programming

Liang Cui: Design, Team Lead

Joe Lindlebauer: Programming

Chris Ek: Programming:

Loralee Pearman: 2D Artist, 3D Artist

Anthony Castro: 3D Artist

Course: MI455 – Release Date: Spring 2013

Project Duration: 5 Weeks