Saving Magic

Dragons are stealing magic from the world and it is up to you to stop them! Climb ancient towers and free the magic back into the world. But be careful, you may end up finding a dragon on top of one of those tower…

Help the Master Wizard prevent the dragons from stealing magic from the world. To do this, you must climb ancient towers and free the magic coins that are being hoarded in treasure chests by the dragons. But be careful, you may end up finding a dragon on top of the tower… As a wizard in training, you can learn and use spells and potions to aid you in your epic quest.

Saving Magic includes a feature-rich financial system. To “save magic”, you must earn, save, and spend money wisely as you play. The coins that you save earn interest, even as you do not play. The money you earn can be put to good use to upgrade your character with new spells and abilities, as well as customize your character with new attire.

While Saving Magic is first and foremost an entertaining game to play, there is an element of “meaningful play” embedded within the game. As you play, you learn about the concept of savings accounts, spending and saving wisely, and managing your resources that transcend the game.


How to Play:

  • Tilt your device to move your character left and right
  • Purchase upgrades with the coins you save!

Game Development Team:

Brian Winn: Executive Producer

Justin Girard: Manager, Design

Liang Cui: Design

David Ward: Programming

Vitor Matayoshi: Programming

Evan Cox: 3D Artist

Loralee Pearman: 2D Artist

Katie Pastor: 2D Artist

Release Date: October 2013