Star Hunter

Star Hunter is a 3D top-down, arcade style, space shooter, inspired by great titles like Super Stardust 3D and Geometry Wars. Our planet-themed enemies, original art, and awesome particle effects create a unique feel and gameplay experience.

How to Play:

  • WASD Keys = Move
  • F Key = Use Bombs
  • E Key = Change Weapons
  • P Key = Pause
  • Left Mouse Click = Shoot
  • Spacebar = Dash

Can be played with controllers, by clicking on “Options” in the main menu and choosing “Map Controller”.


Production Notes:

  • Some asteroids can’t be destroyed.
  • The mines from the Gasfurious boss cannot be destroyed by the player’s weapons.
  • The Thunder Boss’ death animation doesn’t work, so we used particle effects instead.
  • If you pause on a planet fast enough, the music speeds up.
  • There is no indication of when the “Cube of Ultimate Power’s” effects will wear off.


Adam Lobdell – Main Ship Model, Boss Animations

Bryan Kars – Particle Effects

Jenna Sanocki – Gems, UVs, Instructions

Kendra Horvath – Boss Models, Textures

John Milewski – Ship, Gun, Planet, Environment Models

Yanning Xue – Particle and Weapon Programming

Qianyi Wu – Boss and Enemy Programming

Jeff Baum – UI, Galaxy Map, Controller Programming

Josh Cornett – Sound Effects and Music

Course: MI497 – Release Date: Fall 2014

Project Duration: 15 Weeks