Welcome to Stuffed, a 3D action platforming game where you are a Teddy Bear who wakes up with his 2 friends, a lion and an eagle, missing and under the control of an evil wizard puppet. To top it all off, several old, and forgotten toys are hostile!

Utilizing unique movement mechanics, traverse the two-story house environment by double jumping, floating and ziplining, and protect yourself by whacking enemies and shielding from attacks.

Confront the Wizard and defeat him to free your friends!

With a cute, cartoony aesthetic, tight controls, and fun action-packed gameplay, Stuffed is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages.


Cameron Burch – Designer

Aixing Chen – Animator

Jaime Edmondson – Lead Artist

Bingkun Han – Sound Designer, SFX

Christian Kolo – Composer, BGM

Declan McClintock – Lead Programmer

Austin McGee – UI Programmer

Emily Mitchell – Sound Designer, SFX

Ryker Morningstar – Prop Artist

Jerod Pennington – Lead Designer, Producer

Darlene Sobus – Menu UI

Zizhen Wang – AI Programmer

Austin Widmyer – VFX Artist


Special thanks to Brian Winn and Shane McCloskey from Insomniac Games.

Course: MI498 Release Date: Spring 2018