The Unfair

The Unfair is a top-down twin-stick shooter where you play as a kid who must complete twisted games while fighting toy monstrosities to win their way back home. Fight your way through a twisted carnival as the evil spirit Gotchu! plays his wicked tricks on you. A fast paced, hectic rogue-lite shooter that will challenge not only your game skills but as well as your mind. Successfully complete Gotchu!’s games to win rewards, but if you don’t…. well, you’ll see.


Jerry Cortez – Producer, Audio Designer

Evan Shoup – Programmer, VFX Artist

Anthony Flattery – Programmer, Systems Designer

Xander Quiton – Programmer

Diego Vazquez – Environment Artist

Julien Bazin – Character Artist

Mackenzie O’Connell – Concept Artist, UI Artist

Tanner Fred – Technical Designer

Brendan Carter – Level Designer

Michael Eaton – Composer

Course: MI498

Release Date: Spring 2021


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