Play as a lumberjack in this 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer game! Push and Pull Boxes to get some extra height and make it through the forest. Chop Down trees to use them as platforms. Flip levers on and off to toggle moving platforms. There are four levels in total. Can you beat them all?

How to Play:

  • WASD – Move
  • E – Chop/Use
  • Shift (click) – Push/Pull Box
  • Space – Jump
  • R – Restart

Production Notes:

Play in standalone versions; it gives you better quality.

Game only supports 16:9 aspect ratios.


Scott Holzknecht: Programming Wizard

Zach Klegon: Environment Art, Animations, Audio

Kyle Brown: Level Design

Connor Kurtz: Character Art/Rig, 2D Art, GUI

Course: MI445 – Release Date: Fall 2014

Project Duration: 5 Weeks