UnBOOlievable is a 3D mobile puzzle game where you use turn-based grid movementto collect candy and avoid monsters. Can you steal all their candy and escape?

Play as a mummy child who has been grounded on the most important day of the year, Halloween. You technically can’t go trick or treating, but your parents can’t chastize you if they don’t know! Sneak around your neighborhood and steal all the candy, but don’t get caught or its game over!


Ellie Gendreau – Lead Artist

Max Dudley – Lead Programmer

Kat Zacarias – Lead UI/UX

Nik Bigger – 3D Artist

Wes Turner – 3D Artist

Jake Bowerman – Producer, Designer

Roman Stokes – Designer

Danny Marshall – Programmer

Tony Froman – Programmer

Michael Eaton – Composer


Course: MI497 Release Date: Fall 2019